We need every word God speaks

Local Missions

Straight Ahead

Don't forget about those in prison. Suffer with them as though you were there yourself.      Hebrews 13:3


In 2000, Community Covenant Church partnered with Straight Ahead Ministries and began reaching out in Christ's love by hosting a monthly birthday party at a local girl's juvenile detention center. Along with providing a birthday cake and small gift, we also offer a message of God's love, forgiveness and salvation through Jesus Christ. Other special events include preparing and sharing a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with them and the staff, a celebration of Christ's birth with presents donated by our youth group or Sunday School and rejoicing in sharing the story of Jesus' resurrection at Easter.


God has richly blessed our family of faith by allowing us to be His messengers in bringing the good news to a seemingly hopeless place. It is through this ministry that many of us have come to know God in a much deeper way as He reveals Himself to us through the lives of young girls He loves so much.


We praise Him and thank Him for the joy of serving Him in such an awesome way!


If you would like additional information regarding this ministry, we invite you to call the church at 508-435-3723.


Food Pantry Collections

Every Communion Sunday (usually the first Sunday of every month) there is a basket in the entry for our food pantry collection.  These items are taken to a local food pantry.  The current economic situation has increased the need for food pantry donations.  Anything you can give is appreciated.


Project Just Because

The Project Just Because ministry is just across the road from us, and widely known for its work in our community.  They take many different types of donations, and need volunteer help as well.  Their weekly newsletters are posted on the missions bulletin board at church.  For more information, take a look at their web site.