We need every word God speaks


One of the purposes of our church is "To actively seek opportunities which challenge us to practice our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ through organized events of compassion and evangelism in our community and around the world." We do this through a variety of means.


Support Covenant World Missions

  1. We provide financial and prayer support to the Haworth family which is serving in Japan.
  2. Mission festival - Every Spring we host a Covenant Missionary. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn about what God is doing in another part of the world.
  3. Soup Fest - In November we hold a potluck featuring homemade soups to raise funds for Covenant World Relief.

Encourage Local Involvement

We encourage church members to become involved in local missions and service opportunities.  The local missions page contains details on current opportunities.  A summary of what we have been involved with is below.

  1. Prison Ministry - our church has adopted a juvenile detention center. Every month church members visit the youth and celebrate birthdays as well as share a short message or testimony and pray with them.
  2. New England Seafarers Mission - This is a Covenant Mission in Boston that ministers to people who work on ships, cruise ships and cargo ships.
  3. Habitat for Humanity
  4. Boston Project Ministries - Several years ago a group from Community Covenant spent a week with the Boston Project in Dorchester, and came away with a better understanding of some of the challenges of life in the city, as well as an appreciation of what one can do in response.  Each summer over the past few years we have taken a meal in for the staff and kept in contact.


Short Term Mission Trips

A short-term missions trip to another part of the world is a wonderful opportunity, because you get to see how God is changing lives there and be a part of that. It is a chance to build relationships with Christians of another culture. Most of all, short-term missions trips help you grow in your faith, as you try something different and serve in a new way.


The global missions page details current opportunities.  Some information on past trips is given below.

In the summer of 2014 a group of thirteen youth and adults spent over a week in Fairbanks, Alaska on a missions trip.  Under the planning of Covenant Merge Ministries, they partnered with a church there to serve the community by hosting a children's ministry at several locations.  They also did renovations at the church.  All had wonderful time, serving in ways that they hadn't before, and making new friends.


In 2007 we made two trips to Phoenix, Louisiana to help rebuild a community that was underwater for more than a month after hurricane Katrina, and almost completely destroyed. In 2008 a group of 6 went down again, July 7 - 11, and had a great trip. 


The MetroWest Caribbean Mission in the Dominican Republic was started around 2002. The mission has a school, and a sewing school for women. The type of work which you would be doing depends a lot on the interests of the group - each trip is tailored to that group. In the past, groups have done construction projects, helped with the schools, and done outreach and evangelism.


A group of 14 youth and adults from Community Covenant went down to the MetroWest Caribbean Mission during the February 2005 school break. It was a very good and life-changing experience, as any of those who went would tell you.




For the past few years we have been periodically showing the children videos from Mennonite Central Committee's extensive lending library during children's time on Sundays. The videos describe how children live in other parts of the world.