We need every word God speaks


About Us

Whether you have lived here long enough to acquire a Boston accent or not, you will receive a warm welcome at Community Covenant Church in Hopkinton.  We welcome you to join us any Sunday Morning and you will learn what to expect on the Sunday Morning Page.


As you can learn on the Ministries pages this small church is very active with internally and externally focused activities.

What do we believe?

We are committed to sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with the world through gracious words and acts of mercy and justice. We emphasize the biblical view of new life in Jesus Christ expressed through a daily walk in community with our Lord.


Originating out of the free church movement of the late 19th century, the Evangelical Covenant Church is a rapidly growing multi-ethnic family of congregations enjoying the benefits of affiliation for a greater good in the world, while deliberately avoiding institutional structures that can hinder the work of the Holy Spirit in local and regional ministries.   To learn more see our beliefs page.

Who is our leadership?

Our pastor, Bruce Johnson, has a desire to integrate a heartfelt love for God with his love for people which gotten him involved with ministries such as Habitat for Humanity, Good News Jail & Prison Ministries, and Straight Ahead Ministries.  To learn more about Bruce and the other staff see our staff page.

What is our history?

The Evangelical Covenant Church has its roots in historical Christianity as it emerged in the Protestant Reformation, in the biblical instruction of the Lutheran State Church of Sweden, and in the great spiritual awakenings of the nineteenth century. Locally, Community Covenant Church has been part of Boston's MetroWest community for over 100 years, first in Milford and now in Hopkinton. We are a diverse blend of people; some have attended Community Covenant since childhood, and others have just recently moved into the community. Learn more on our history page.

Where are we going?

Our purpose is to be a caring community in Christ, experiencing and sharing our Lord's presence in our daily lives by reaching out to our communities and world through missions, education, fellowship, worship and stewardship.  Learn more on our vision page.

Please come join us Sunday morning!